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Defined by Merriam-Webster as “Excited Commotion”


I have always loved the name Ballyhoo—ever since I first heard Robin Williams’ character say it in “Good Will Hunting”. I loved the way it sounded, part mischief, part musical, part what in the world does that mean? Fast forward all these years later when I finished this piece and stepped back to look at it to see what name it asked me to be. Almost instantly, “Ballyhoo” came to mind. It looked like the name sounded—but what did it mean exactly? Nothing is worse than giving a painting a name with a bad connotation, so I looked it up. “Excited Commotion” could not be more fitting with its markings figuratively dancing across the canvas, the happy colors and the layers of texture imparting a tactile dynamic. It just fit, so “Ballyhoo” it was.


Measuring 48” x 60” x 2.5”, “Ballyhoo” was created using oil paint, graphite, texture, and rice paper. 


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