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I am an abstract expressionist artist from New Orleans, LA and have been painting for most of my life. I began drawing at a young age and am self taught. I first became intrigued by abstract art because of its look, its energy, and its openness to interpretation, but stuck with it because it was not easy and I love a challenge. To me, that challenge is akin to getting a room filled with people from different countries to speak the same language. My paintings are made of many layers of color and texture, and sometimes even raw materials such as metal and wood. I use soft colors, bold colors and incorporate mark making with graphite. My goal is to use all of these things to create a harmony on the canvas that is balanced, flows, and makes the person looking at it feel something. I am constantly reading about art and practicing new techniques so that my work is fresh, dynamic and thought-provoking. I am inspired by the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Lee Krasner,  Willem DeKooning, and  Cy Twombly. 


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