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I am a painter and I'm not a fan of writing about myself but I have been told by people that this is an important part of my website so here goes...I am an abstract painter. Abstract expressionism to be exact. It's a technical term given to the art movement that emerged in New York around the 1940's-1950's and moved the focus of modern art to America. It is energetic, bold, dynamic and based on abstract imagery. It was my favorite type of art long before I even knew what it was, much less knew how to paint it. While most kids idolized actors or collected stickers, I cut out photos of paintings that I liked and taped them to looseleaf paper, which I collected a binder. I would study them, closely observing the interplay of colors, textures, gestures and lines and thought they were the coolest things on earth. I picked up a paintbrush and told myself I was going to paint like that. Little did I know how hard it was to make all of that "work" and I spent years after reading, learning, and observing.

Now all this time later, I'm still learning and observing but I can say that I'm happy with the way my painting has evolved. I have sold numerous paintings throughout the United States and have paintings in private and corporate collections (and maybe even some kids favorite art binder). I have shown at White Linen Night in New Orleans, Dirty Linen Night, Art For Arts Sake and was a regional semi-finalist for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. 

I live in New Orleans, LA with my beautiful wife Donna and our three dogs, Mo, Eli and Oscar...and lots and lots of art. 






Gallery Representation

Gallery Orange

819 Royal Street

New Orleans, LA 70116

(504) 875-4006

Contemporain Bankston/Adams Gallery

1010 Nicholson Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 

(225) 250-5222

Me at 57 Great Jones St., NY, New York. This was the place where my favorite artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat lived, painted, and died. 

The Early Years 

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