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BOOM! is a painting that followed "Showdown", a piece I did after being inspired by the work of New Orleans' own Ida Kohlmeyer. Her use of shapes, forms, and color was like no other. I took a little less whimsical approach with my exploration, and sketched out forms closer fitting and more angular in appearance. When the painting was complete, it looked to be like the remnants of an implosion of sorts, with a once contiguous piece broken up and lying like a puzzle form of its old self. Set against a deep royal purple background, I chose colors to impart a happy, optimistic feel--and remind us that deconstruction and change is a time for rebirth and celebration.



The painting is part of the collection of the beautiful CrescentCare Building, formerly the NO/AIDS Task Force of New Orleans, I was honored to be invited to be among some of New Orleans' bests artists to have a painting there. 


60" x 40" flashe and charcoal on canvas


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